Bird flu, come hither!

On Friday, I went down to Espanola --- heroin capital of the world-- to try to find Kayla, my 15-year-old friend & spiritual first daughter who is (geeeez, Kayla) pregnant. Five months pregnant.


Kayla, not surprisingly, stood me up and could not be found nor contacted via telephone. Let's hope she isn't shooting heroin.

So, barring something better to do, I went to the feed store to see if they had goat minerals, because goats are high-maintenance and need minerals as well as hay and grain and marshmallows. The store did have minerals, but no marshmallows, and out back I saw: Eight really gross goslings.

They were in a cage two-feet by two-feet and they were way, way past the cute stage. They stank to high heaven and by this point goslings really should be eating something besides bulk manufactured protein. Like grass or tomato seedlings or something.

The guy said the goslings were intended to be sold before Easter to gullible animal lovers looking for cute creatures. These were the leftovers. As I said, they were past their cute stage.

So anyway, very long story short, I ended up home with four On Sale geese and, yes, I need new geese like I need a hole in my head. (And I do have new goats on the way, too). They are hilarious and even Avrum loves them. We checked into whether they will eat the frogs at the new property and as it turns out, geese are vegetarians. Thank goodness.

We are pretty sure geese will thrive at the new place, where there's a perennial low-flow stream for them to snorfle through. But four geese and 50 chickens is just begging for bird flu, don't you think?

(For those who are past the paranoid phase of bird-flu fear, see here:,,2090-2144416,00.html

for a hilarious article)

OK and stop asking me when we're moving. Soon. Within 8 weeks, we'll be over there full time. More likely four weeks. But we have this problem of 2,000 to 3,000 tomato plants to sell and I can't water them over there because, if you recall, we've got no running water yet. So we're here until either the plants get sold or the well gets dug.


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