Speaking of chickens...

If it's been a while since you read my chicken page on the main website -- I believe it's titled "93 and counting" -- you might reread that one just for kicks. Most of those chickens were either traded for fencing at the local hardware store, eaten this winter (I think we have 2 left in the freezer), or went off with the coyotes. I have about 10 hens left.

So, I got my annual chicks in early March and ordered 85 chicks total. Hey, look, it's better than last year -- and 15 were for Nicole and 15 are for Cynthia. Still, it wasn't the best timing... I had about 70 chicks (minus a few that died) in the house for 2 weeks..... They are all outside now in the chick coop. I didn't light any boxes on fire, this year, thankfully, although at one point Silas picked up a half-gallon of water and poured it into a chick-box.


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